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Important tools for anti-deportation campaigners - country reports from "authoritative" sources

Country reports are important tools for campaigners opposing removals/deportations from the UK and extracts from these reports should always be part of your campaign materials.

Reports from "authoritative" sources means reports from reliable sources; organisations that the Home Office would likely deem credible, including 'UNHCR', 'USA Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor', 'Amnesty International', 'Human Rights Watch'.

Country reports on the Worst Forms of Child Labor

Failed States Index 2012

Top ten:Somalia, DR Congo, Sudan, South Sudan, Chad, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, Haiti, Yemen, Iraq, Central African Republic

Failed state:  A state having little or no governance, endemic corruption, profiteering by ruling elites, very poor Human Rights, the government cannot/will not protect the population from others or itself, massive internal conflict, forced internal/external displacement, institutionalised political exclusion of significant numbers of the population, progressive deterioration of welfare infrastructure (hospitals, clinics, doctors, nurses) not adequate to meet health, needs, progressive economic decline of the country as a whole as measured by per capita income, debt, severe child mortality rates, poverty levels.

Fund for Peace - Indicators of a Failed State

Refused asylum in the UK - other routes to safety - Canada

Joint Return Flights coordinated by Frontex January to September 2010

Joint Return Flights coordinated by Frontex January /December 2009

Permanent sovereignty of the Palestinian people

'Self-determination a fundamental condition for the effective guarantee/observance of human rights'

European Convention for The Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Michigan Guidelines on the Right to Work of Refugees and Asylum Seekers
The guidelines are intended for use by national policy and decision makers for example, those responsible for designing and implementing national asylum laws and national labor laws.

Last updated 19 June, 2012