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Freemovement's website is an important part of our work in educating the public on immigration, asylum and anti-deportation issues. As part of that work our website hosts news and views from different individuals, organisations and campaigns working in the same field as us. The contents of named/signed articles are the sole responsibility of the author/s and should not be taken as endorsement of any kind.

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Please note: Freemovement does not provide 'Immigration Advice' as defined in section 82, Part V of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999, such advice is subject to regulation by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner. 

Therefore the contents of of any page on this weblsite, should under no circumstances be seen as 'Immigration advice'. The information on this website is for 'Signposting' only, if you think any of the information may be of help to you, you must take that information to a solicitor/case worker.

If you are looking for legal advice relating to:

A substantive asylum claim,

Application to appeal,

Application for bail,

Removal or deportation from the UK,

Application for judicial review,

Application or variation of entry to the UK,

Making a fresh asylum claim.

Nationality or citizenship application,

Admission to the UK under Community law,

or any issues relating to immigration/migration:

You need to seek the advice of an immigration solicitor or registered immigration advisor.

All information on our website or information distributed by email is for 'Sign posting' only.

Warning: Viruses
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Last updated 8 November, 2011