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'No-Deportations' provides 'Signposting' to any one in the UK subject to UK immigration controls and does not want to leave the UK, for whatever reasons.

Whether they fear return to their country of origin

- for political reasons,

- fear of ethnic persecution,

- would face persecution for their gender preferences,

- wish to remain in the UK for economic reasons

To this end 'No-Deportations' provides up to date reports on conditions in countries, who are a source of people traveling to the UK for political/economic reasons.

Where those subject to UK immigration controls, fall foul of those controls and are required to leave the UK. 'No-Deportations' will help families/individuals set up Anti-Deportation Campaigns, will try to find alternate legal avenues for them to remain in the UK.

Please be clear, 'No-Deportations' will only signpost, advise on setting up campaigns, we will not do the work of actually setting up a campaign.

We do not give legal advice or provide legal advice, but will read a persons UKBA documents refusing them leave to remain in the UK and 'signpost' accordingly.

All our information is provide freely to anyone without fear or favour

'No-Deportations' receives no funding whatsoever.

Last updated 13 December, 2011